Teaching Team

Dr Dan Ashton

Dan is the Programme Leader for the MA in  Global Media Management and Associate Professor of Cultural and Creative Industries. He teaches and researches in the areas of media industries and participatory cultures. He is the co-editor of Cultural Work and Higher Education (Palgrave Macmillan), and has published work in a range of international academic journals. He has also worked in partnership with a range of cultural organisations on public exhibitions, teaching initiatives, and research bids. He is currently involved with projects on arts funding and crowdfunding, and vlogging and emerging forms of digital labour.

Dr Mihaela Brebenel

Mihaela is Lecturer in Digital Media Culture. She is a visual studies researcher interested in screen studies, film theory, media archaeology, aesthetic theory, the politics of the audiovisual, creative uses of archival images in academic and artistic practice, feminist practices with moving images, the cultural production of subjectivity in media-related contexts, and the critique of play and participation in contemporary technologically mediated contexts.

Dr Megen de Bruin-Molé

Megen is a Teaching Fellow in Digital Media Practice. Her research background is in English literature and cultural studies, and she is the author of several academic publications on remix, neo-Victorian fiction, feminism, and popular culture. Megen is also a Research Assistant on the Changing Attitudes in Public Discourse project, and an editor with the Critical Posthumanism Network. She has previously worked as a freelance content creator, and as the central editor and social media manager for the literary organisation Poetry International.

Dr Valentina Cardo

Valentina is a Lecturer in Social Media & Network Culture. Political communication and digital technologies are at the core of her research interests and she specializes in questions of power, identity and difference; the changing relationship between the media and modes of political and civic agency; and the impact of digital technologies on traditional communication strategies. She has written widely on the intersection between politics, popular culture and gender.

Oz Demirkol

Oz is a PhD candidate and visiting lecturer at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. Her research focuses on the micro-celebrity agency in networked political discourse on Twitter. Ozlem’s research interests include online identity, persona studies, celebrity culture, digital methods and critical data studies. She is a Senior Research Assistant for Civic Media Hub and has worked in several projects including BU Datalabs and #RiotID.

Dr Seth Giddings

Seth is Associate Professor in Digital Culture and Design. He is fascinated by popular and experimental playful media, from videogames and social media to activist and art projects. His recent projects have studied the design and production of playful new technologies, from mobile phone games to robots to playground swings. His books include Gameworlds: virtual media and children’s everyday play (2014), Lister, Dovey, Giddings, Grant, and Kelly, New Media: a critical introduction (2009), and he co-edited The New Media & Technocultures Reader (2011).

Samantha Schäfer

Samantha is a PhD candidate and visiting lecturer at WSA. Her project investigates the role of video games in transmedia storytelling projects. Her academic interests include narrative generally as well as in relation to medium-specificity (particularly in video games), transmedia storytelling, and character studies with a focus on villainous characters.

Dr Estrella Sendra Fernández

Estrella is Teaching Fellow in Global Media Industries. She is also a documentary filmmaker, journalist and festival organiser who seeks to contribute to the de-Westernisation of Media and Cultural Studies. She has been developing a regional area of expertise in Senegal, with a PhD thesis on ‘two-tier festivals’ in the country. Her research interests include festival studies, global screen media, African cinema, audiovisual representations of migration, youth and digital media. She is the author of ‘Displacement and the Quest of Identity in Gomis’s Cinema’ (2018); and co-author of ‘Fiftieth Anniversary of the First World Festival of Negro Arts: A Comparative Study of the Involvement of the Populations in the World Festival of Negro Arts in 1966 and 2010’ (2018), among other publications.

Linda Hurley

I am a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Academic Centre for International Students (ACIS), part of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Southampton. I have worked in ELT/EAP for eighteen years and am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SF HEA). I coordinated the University of Southampton Pre-sessional Reading and Writing team from 2012-2015.

I am currently the AI and Examinations Officer for ACIS, I also coordinate English Language Stage 7 and teach on English Language Stage 4.  I lead EAP classes for PGRs at the School of Medicine, for MA Global Media Management students and University-wide Critical Thinking EAP sessions as well as being a Personal Academic Tutor for ACIS and Erasmus students.

Adeline Hoe

Adeline Hoe has an extensive background in education, literature and film. She specialises in teaching English and writing skills at various institutions.