Teaching Team

Dr Dan Ashton
Dan is the MA Pathway Coordinator for Global Media Management. He teaches and researches in the areas of media industries and participatory cultures. He is the co-editor of Cultural Work and Higher Education (Palgrave Macmillan), and has published work in a range of international academic journals. He has also worked in partnership with a range of cultural organisations on public exhibitions, teaching initiatives, and research bids. He is currently involved with projects examining content curating, crowdsourcing, and emerging forms of digital labour.

Dr Mihaela Brebenel
Mihaela is a Teaching Fellow in Global Media and the Research Skills module leader. She is a visual studies researcher interested in screen studies, film theory, media archaeology, aesthetic theory, the politics of the audiovisual, creative uses of archival images in academic and artistic practice, feminist practices with moving images, the cultural production of subjectivity in media-related contexts, and the critique of play and participation in contemporary technologically mediated contexts.

Dr Valentina Cardo
Valentina is a Lecturer in Social Media & Network Culture. Political communication and digital technologies are at the core of her research interests and she specializes in questions of power, identity and difference; the changing relationship between the media and modes of political and civic agency; and the impact of digital technologies on traditional communication strategies. She has written widely on the intersection between politics, popular culture and gender.

Dr Seth Giddings
Seth is Associate Professor in Digital Culture and Design. He is fascinated by popular and experimental playful media, from videogames and social media to activist and art projects. His recent projects have studied the design and production of playful new technologies, from mobile phone games to robots to playground swings. His books include Gameworlds: virtual media and children’s everyday play (2014), Lister, Dovey, Giddings, Grant, and Kelly, New Media: a critical introduction (2009), and he co-edited The New Media & Technocultures Reader (2011).

Dr Hsiao-wen Lee
Hsiao-wen is a teaching fellow at WSA. Prior to WSA, she has taught broadcasting futures, global media and communication as well as media law at various well know universities in the UK. Before returning to academia she has a long career as a journalist and senior editor in both broadcasting and the printed press. Her research interests include the digital economy, media and culture policy as well as political communication in digital platforms. She is especially interested in new developments such as crowdfunding, subsidy policy, media law and regulation. Currently, she is also a research associate at SOAS, University of London.

Jeremy Matthew
Teaching fellow in Global Media. Interested in the use of new technologies in society, particularly: mobile devices, online video, digital news, & social media. Currently working on projects related to the everyday use of mobile devices, spread of news stories on Twitter, & popular internet videos relating to the US presidential election.

Yigit Soncul
Yiğit is a PhD candidate and visiting lecturer at WSA. His current project investigates the contemporary visual culture of the mask through a media ecological approach. Yiğit’s research interests include theories of visuality, materiality, technology, and network politics. He was a visiting fellow at the Department of Media and Communications of University of Sydney in Spring 2016. His work appeared in journals likeTheory, Culture & Society and Between.