Creative Organisations

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2nd Annual MA Global Media Management Symposium
Friday 27th May 2016
Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

A wide range of industry commentators, government policymakers, and academic researchers have addressed the importance of creativity to the successes of organisations and enterprises across the economy. This one-day symposium brings together academics, postgraduate students, and industry practitioners to explore: how creativity is understood and put to use in different organisations, and the forms of organisation associated within the cultural and creative industries.

The first approach looks at how notions of creativity are employed across a range of different sectors as ways to generate ideas, promote innovation, and enhance productivity. With its ball pits and slides, the Googleplex provides perhaps one of the most well-known and visible explorations of how creativity and play can be weaved within the structures and spaces of an organisation. Similarly, with Lego Serious Play children’s play and creative explorations are taken as the model for thinking and experimentation that can invigorate and innovate the worlds of cultural and technological production (Kane 2005). Also of particular interest for this symposium are the creative approaches to working seen within the media and creative industries. As a number of researchers have specifically explored (Neff et al., 2005; Ross, 2003), the workplaces and organisational dynamics of new media companies are characterised by informality, pool tables, bean bags, and beer in the fridge. This symposium is an opportunity to explore definitions of creativity and examine what this looks likes in different types of organisations.

The second approach is to explore the forms of organisation associated with the cultural and creative industries. There exists a rich body of analysis examining spaces of cultural production across a number of scales, from cities and creative quarters and clusters to newsrooms and ‘new economy’ workplaces. This includes growing interest in cultural production as it goes ‘on the move’, enabled by digital mobile technologies to take root in co-working hubs and coffee shops. A further dimension to explore is how media organisations engage in co-creativity with users and organise flexible and fluid forms of co-production. This symposium is an opportunity to explore some of the organisational transformations within the creative and cultural industries, ranging from multinational media conglomerates to micro-enterprises and freelancers.

This event is for MA Global Media Management students and invited guests. For further information, please contact Dr Dan Ashton.

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