Q&A with Yang Hong (2015-16 alumni)

It’s great to hear what recent alumni have been up to. Most recently, Yang Hong has been contact …

1.Why did you choose GMM at WSA/University of Southampton?

WSA is part of the the University of Southampton, which has a good academic standing and educational resources. The strong art and humanities ambience attracted me a lot. In addition, Winchester is close to London which has lots of exhibitions, performances and other entertainments that could enrich my off-work hours.

I have majored in Advertising in undergraduate and want to extend and deepen my understanding of Media so I choose GMM.

2.What are your currently doing?

I’m a part-time editor in Nanjing University Press. I have edited many books like the Chinese version of A Companion to Art Theory and Gille Deleuze’s collected works, as well books related to the media. My study at WSA helped me knowledge in these areas so that I can edit them easily.

3. In what ways does your time on GMM and at WSA/University of Southampton help you with this?

GMM broadened my outlook. For example, I know deeply about concepts including ‘imperialism’ and ‘UGC’. Through GMM I gained not only an understanding of certain concepts, but developed approaches to thinking. Since graduating, this way of thinking has helped me find and understand matters in the world.

I also enjoyed the external links, for example meeting the director of Blueberry Soup and exploring the process of making films.  This is novel thing for me because I have always been interested in films but had never meet directors face-to-face. The experience excited me a lot.

In addition, the writing of my Final Project and the Research Skills module provided me with relevant academic experience so when I wrote my proposal for PhD application I was prepared.

As to the University, I often saw exhibitions in the gallery in WSA and a performance in Nuffield Theatre at Highfield campus. These facilities enriched my time and raised my art appreciation.

4. Advice to current GMM students

Enjoy the assignments.

Exploring what you real interested in.

Do more reading and travelling.


Q&A with Duo Yun (2014-15 alumni)

It’s great to hear what recent alumni have been up to. Most recently, Duo Yun has been contact …

  1. Why did you choose GMM at WSA/University of Southampton?

    I got my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and wanted to pursue a communication & media management role in the future. I did some research of related programmes in the UK before I started my applications and found that the course structure of the GMM at WSA aroused my interest a lot.

  1. What are you currently doing?

    I’m working with a marketing team at a consulting firm in London, which is really rewarding and helps me build a clearer career perspective in the future. I did enjoy the marketing work in London. Besides, I’ve got tremendous practical skills from the business operations.A particular achievement was leading the company’s social media accounts including Weibo, WeChat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. I expanded THE company’s Weibo followers from around 18,000 to more than 50,000, and the WeChat followers from 1,400 to 5,000 through active involvement in online career events as well as marketing strategies in 6 months

  1. In what ways does your time on GMM and at WSA/University of Southampton help you with this?

    As an international student, the studying experience at WSA helped me adapt myself into British cultural. I met some great local friends which improved my language level and helped me eliminate the language barrier to a large extent. It also helped me develop a critical thinking mind and be creative. Even when I work as a marketer, I always keep a keen eye on digital trends.

  1. Advice to current GMM students

    Try to go out the comfort zone and be confident. If you are not a native speaker, you should make more effort to improve your English make more friends. Be brave and enjoy your study life in WSA. One day you will realise that all your endeavour is worthwhile.

Social Network Platforms and Digital Existence

On Tuesday GMM was very pleased to welcomed Ganale Langlois and Greg Elmer for the AMT seminar, ‘Social Network Platforms and Digital Existence’. Abstracts here.