Looking Back on the ‘Technologies of Gender’ Symposium

The annual GMM symposium (this year co-hosted with the iPIC research group) was once again a success, forging interactions across departments, disciplines and areas of expertise, and engaging students in the research culture at Winchester School of Art. Over 42 people pre-registered via Eventbrite, and we had more than 60 attendees at the symposium throughout the day, including students of the MA Global Media Management, further students from the University of Southampton, research and teaching staff at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton and a few neighbouring institutions, including University of Winchester and University College London. There were ten speakers throughout the day, addressing topics across several disciplines and themes related to ‘Technologies of Gender’. The complete programme can be found at this link. Isabel Lopez, who spoke about online abuse, gender, and the Internet of Things, has kindly made her slides available (click here to download).

A number of GMM students were actively involved in the symposium, which included a student-led panel with presentations from Paola Peyret Boek, Bingqing Qian, and Weike Zhong. This was followed by a Q&A chaired by a GMM respondent, Tom Carey. Two students were also involved in the communication of the event, via Twitter and through photography and videography. The social media manager was Yaqiong Li, a postgraduate student in Global Media Management. She took charge of the GMM Twitter account, with guidance from her tutor, Dr Megen de Bruin-Molé. The hashtag #GenderTech19, which was created for attendees to share their observations and reflections on the symposium, saw a lot of traffic!

Yuqin Xiong, another postgraduate student at GMM, was responsible for morning photographs. In addition, Yuqin Xiong filmed and edited a video about the symposium, with assistance from her tutor, Dr. Estrella Sendra. Afternoon photographs were also by Dr Estrella Sendra.

A final student, Yue Xia, designed and distributed Audience Feedback Forms. The resulting report and findings are available to download at this link. The symposium was organised and chaired by three tutors of the MA in Global Media Management: Dr Mihaela Brebenel, Dr Megen de Bruin-Molé, and Dr Estrella Sendra. Its theme was curated in line with the MA annual theme of ‘Gender and Technology’, and the symposium was preceded by a series of related activities and events, as part of the MA Global Media Management, and the iPIC research group at WSA.

We had a wonderful time at the 2019 GMM symposium, and are already looking forward to next year’s iteration!

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Student placement: Touch Network

Current MA Global Media Management student Mina O’Neill-Bains has recently been completing a part-time internship with Touch Network – a local Southampton charity organization that works to diminish the stigma surrounding mental health by bringing members of the community together to share their own personal stories.

Along with providing numerous diverse services, Touch Network runs storytelling celebration nights in coffee shops, bars, and other interesting and sociable places where anyone can come and listen to others speak about the different experiences they have had in their lives and how they have come out the other side stronger and more resilient.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 17.15.02

(Photos from https://touch.network )

Mina’s involvement with the charity came through the University’s Excel Southampton placement programme. Her role as Business Development Assistant includes facilitating in the communication and promotion of the charity through its website and various social media platforms.


Specifically, Mina is aiding in the creation and implementation of online training videos that are to be published on the charity’s home website, and will support the training of new volunteers and speakers. In order to carry out her work, Mina has been able to utilize the practical editing skills gained through Critical Media Practice, and theory gained through Global Media 1&2.

For more information about Touch Network and how to get involved, please visit https://touch.network!

Students Lead the Day at GMM ‘Gendering Technology’ Workshops

On 5th December 2018, students and staff at WSA took part in a series of Critical Media Practice workshops, focused around the theme of ‘Gendering Technology’. The workshops developed practical skills, but also explored the gendered dimensions of technology’s access and use, and the framing of debates around gender identities and technology. Half of the workshops were led by students on the Global Media Management MA, who took the opportunity to develop their communication and leadership skills by sharing their knowledge with others.

In the first workshop, Summer Xia (a GMM student) talked about what it’s like to manage a video website, introducing the ways a manager cooperates with other departments in the company. Through examples, she took participants through the challenges of building and coordinating a video website. She also answered questions they had about the industry.

Workshop two was led by another GMM student, Tom Carey. In this workshop Tom gave a brief description of the different software available for performing with video and motion graphics live, and the advantages and disadvantages of two main competitors and examples of their potential use. A demonstration of ArKaos GrandVJ followed, with supporting documentation available as a handout. After a short discussion of the gendered aspects of this technology, there was an opportunity for participants to have a go at VJing themselves!

In workshop three Adam Procter (Programme Leader for the BA in Games Design and Art at WSA) talked to students about the position of women in the video games industry, from design to coding to content. Participants were asked to share their favourite games, and then a short activity followed in which we researched how women are represented both in these games, and in the companies that design them.

The final workshop of the day was led by Dr Megen de Bruin-Molé and Dr Mihaela Brebenel. They gave a brief history of collage, and the resistant practice of zine-making. Participants were then given the chance to explore the practice of zine-making for themselves, creating a collaborative zine around the themes of ‘gender’ and ‘technology’.

More details about the aim and scope of the day are available in the original post. Click the gallery below to view images from the workshops:


Congratulations and farewell GMM class 2017-18

It was a lovely sunny day for our end of year celebrations and farewell for the GMM class of 2017-18…

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 11.42.00

(From https://twitter.com/LiShuoen/status/1021547415512539154)


Q&A with Rebecca Li (2016-17 alumni)

Here at GMM we’re always excited to hear what recent alumni have been up to. Most recently, we spoke to Rebecca Li.

1. Why did you choose GMM at WSA/University of Southampton?

I used to study Public Relations and Advertising in college, and I wanted to study further in this area. When I searched online, I was quite interested in the Research and Design module at GMM. In addition, University of Southampton is on the top 100 university Times ranking list, and I really like the location of it. It’s warmer and close to London.

To be honest, I am thinking about applying to another master’s degree or PhD to continue study in the future!

2. What are you currently doing?

I am a marketing specialist in a company in Beijing: Counton Global Mobility Solutions. This company is mainly for education consultant immigration advice and investment management. My duties include online media platform operation, like editing online articles, posting on social media, collecting or making videos and so on.

3. In what ways does your time on GMM and at WSA/University of Southampton help you with this?

GMM helped me gain knowledge about new media, and showed me how to engage with audiences on a public platform. I also gained some knowledge about data analysis and research methods, such as content analysis. It’s quite helpful for me in my current work. In addition, I’ve started to write my own blog online, which is about my travel experiences, makeup tutorials or randomly daily updates. If you have interest, please search online for the WeChat official account: 没谱频道.

4. Advice to current GMM students

Studying at the University of Southampton was a great experience in my life. I miss it there, and hope to visit soon. Thank you to all the teachers in GMM! Thank you for your efforts to give us many amazing lectuers. I hope you are all well.

Q&A with Yanan Mu (2015-16 alumni)

It’s great to hear what recent alumni have been up to. Most recently, Yanan Mu has been contact …

1. Why did you choose GMM at WSA/University of Southampton?

After I obtained a bachelor’s degree in management, I felt that management was too broad for me to get a job in the field that I was particularly interested in. I became increasingly interested in the media industry when studying in Manchester. Therefore, I decided to enrich myself by studying a media-related master’s course. When searching for relevant courses online, I found that the GMM programme at the University of Southampton was just what I was looking for. It is perfectly connected with my undergraduate studies. At the same time, it gives me a comprehensive understanding of the development of media.

2. What are you currently doing?

After graduated, I found a placement opportunity in an education company. I was mainly responsable for monitoring trending information through social media, using this information in our product to attract customers and get attention from potential customers. After the placement, I became the channel development manager of the company, provided leadership and guidance for new resellers and used social media platforms to develop the company’s business. After nearly two years’ work experience, I found myself stepping into a bottleneck period. I need to enrich myself if I want to create more possibilities for my life. Therefore, I decided to get a PhD in media and I’m currently working on my research proposal.

3. In what ways does your time on GMM and at WSA/University of Southampton help you with this?

My time at GMM and WSA definitely helped me significantly with what I experienced after graduated. Firstly, the valuable knowledge I gained from this course gave me acute knowledge of the world of digital media, which helped me to get a job easily. Secondly, the rigorous research and practice-based work experience enabled me to put theoretical concepts into practice, so that I did a great job during my placement period and got an unexpected promotion after that. Last but not least, my time at WSA/University of Southampton was the most unforgettable experience of my life. I made so many awesome friends who gave me so much love and support. Also, I met my Mr. Right here!

4. Advice to current GMM students

1) Always keep your feet on the ground, be serious about what you are learning, remember that it is your attitude not aptitude that determins your altitude.

2) Make your career plans as soon as possible. Try to do some interns or placements, grasp any chance to show your abilities.

3) You can either travel or read, but either your body or soul must be on the way.