GMM Study Visit to the V&A (18 February 2019)

As part of this year’s programme of events under the theme ‘Gendering Technology’, GMM students and lecturers took a study visit to London’s Victoria & Albert museum. In the morning we visited the special exhibition ‘Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt’, which was prefaced by an introduction from exhibition curator Marie Foulston. In the afternoon we were introduced to the V&A’s brand new Photography Centre by Dr Mihaela Brebenel. Dr Brebenel also provided students with information about specific exhibits and questions to consider throughout the visit.

Introduction by Marie Foulston

The ‘Videogames’ exhibition delved into one of the most significant design fields of our time, investigating the work of groundbreaking designers, creative player communities and the critical conversations that define the medium today. In addition to exploring other themes in games design, students were able to observe how gendered representation, gendered production, and gendered reception interact in the process of making video games. Students were also asked to consider how digital culture and its artefacts are presented in an institutional space like a museum, within a temporary exhibition (Videogames) and as part of the permanent collection (the Photography Centre). Following the transfer of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) Collection, which has enabled a dramatic reimagining of the way photography is presented at the V&A, the new Photography Centre opened on 12th October 2018. The V&A’s photography collection comprises over 300,000 images dating from 1839 to the present, and the first phase of the centre will more than double the space dedicated to photography at the Museum.

You can find a selection of images from the study visit below.



GMM students visit the Archives Collections in Southampton

On Tuesday 26 February, following the lecture on Archival Methods as part of the core module Professional and Academic Skills 2, the students of the MA Global Media Management went to Highfield Campus to visit the Archives Searchroom in Hartley Library. Students were able to engage with a wide range of archives from the different collections in the University of Southampton, including the Wellington Archive, the Broadlands Archive, the Palmerston Archive, the Mountbatten Papers, the Anglo-Jewish Archives, and the Archaelogy Collections.

The Archives Collection at Southampton includes over seven million manuscript items. Although some archives were held since the 1860s, it was the arrival of the archives of Arthus Wellesley, first Duke of Wellington, in 1982, that marked the beginning of the archives as we know them today. Karen Robson and team had kindly prepared a selection of these manuscripts. Students were able to reflect on the research value of archives and familiarise themselves with the process of requesting and consulting materials for research purposes.

GMM Study Visit to Oxford (25 April 2018)

Every year, the MA in Global Media Management sends students on a Study Visit to a different city. Our 2018 destination was Oxford, which GMM students and staff visited earlier this week. This year’s theme centred around the concept of transmedia worldbuilding: creating spaces in, outside, and around multimedia narratives.

The first part of the study visit involved a trip to the Oxford Story Museum. This museum creates immersive, interactive spaces designed to bring books and stories to life, deepening visitors’ engagement. Students took part in a Building Narrative Environments workshop, which looked at the principles behind the museum’s approach to storytelling, and at how they go about creating their spaces. Students learned about the various ways in which the museum provides immersive experiences—for example their story session for toddlers, or their Extreme Reading Adventures project, which works to re-engage reluctant or struggling readers. The Oxford Story Museum aims to take us into the world of the story in a real and physical way, and they look at story in all its forms: oral, written, film, digital.

The second part of the study visit was a transmedia ‘tour’ of Oxford, realised in an interactive Google Map. Students used this to explore of some of Oxford’s most famous filming locations, immersing themselves in the ‘world’ of stories like The Mummy (2017), Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), and the Harry Potter franchise (2001-2011), and considering how these fictional stories interact with real spaces. They were also asked to add something to these storyworlds themselves, by taking photographs and video at each location and tweeting them using the #GMMTransmedia hashtag.

After the day was done, GMM students and teachers made the inevitable trek back home—some with souvenirs and mementos, all with fresh perspectives on how stories are made and sustained.

Below are some of the moments we shared under the #GMMTransmedia hashtag:

Arts and Culture Southampton Study Visit (9 May 2017)

On Tuesday 9th May, GMM held its annual study visit exploring arts and culture in Southampton.

To help prepare, we had talk from Louise Coysh from Arts at University of Southampton.

In the morning we explored the cultural quarter:

And did some tweeting:

And some “stickering”:


In the afternoon we headed up to Nuffield Theatre at Highfield for talks.

First, from Turner Sims, Kevin Appleby provided an overview of arts and cultural management and Jo Roberts explored marketing:

This was followed by Ros Carter from John Hansard Gallery providing an overview of programming:


And then a cup of tea!

Followed by a workshop from Tracey Cruickshank from Nuffield Theatre on engaging audiences

In the evening we stayed at the Nuffield for the Pygmalion performance:

Cultural Organisations study trip (9 March 2016)

Yesterday, Global Media Management visited the Nuffield Theatre, John Hansard Gallery, and Turner Sims Concert Hall. There were lots of great insights to help them develop their understanding of management within some specific organisational settings. The exhibition at the Hansard Gallery, Barthes/Burgin is curated by colleagues at Winchester School of Art.








Pictures courtesy of Belinda and Betty.

GMM field trip: media & museums in Bristol (December 2015)

In December we descended on southern England’s biggest cultural centre outside London: Bristol. Under scrutiny were the science centre At-Bristol, museum of industry and everyday life The M Shed, and contemporary art gallery The Arnolfini. These are pictures from students using #WSAgmm:


From Rei