Q&A with Beste (2014-15 alumni)

Since graduating in December 2015, it has been great to stay in contact with Beste Ozer and hear about her current work. In June 2016 we had a email exchange exploring her time on MA GMM and how this connects with her current work…

Why did you choose GMM at WSA/University of Southampton?

After my studies at Sociology in Turkey, I determined my next step as communication. While in Turkey, I have joined some education fairs where I have met Jussi Parikka. He was the one that led me to GMM at WSA/UoS. I had concerns at the beginning since the programme was newly started, but when I had a chance to visit WSA in 2 months and chatted with the pathway leader of the course, I decided that this was the one that I have dreamed of. I always like to engage in social media, follow the updates related to this industry, at the same time curious about big data and how social media benefit NGOs. Basically, my curiousity and excitement directed me to this course.

What are your currently doing?

I am currently working at the global networking agency called Wunderman in Istanbul. I am part of the MEA Microsoft team and I am the social media analyst of the team. This means, I use the tool, Sprinklr to pick the valuable insights that are discussed for 30 days time period to generate content for Microsoft Turkey, Nigeria and South Africa. This is also called social listening, getting the insights from the tool based on peak topics, themes, sentiment from the users, pointing out the influecers of the month, diving deep in the competitors of Microsoft to understand what they are doing and what we can do better. At the end, I decide some recommendations to direct the client for future social media strategies.

In what ways does your time on GMM and at WSA/University of Southampton help you with this?

Our major discussions were all about big data which is now helping me a lot! I am using almost everything I’ve learned in the course now which inspires me so much! My work covers taking the data to analyze and making comments based on the analysis, so it is very important to know how to analyze the data on social media, if it is accurate or not. The time I’ve spent on GMM, we have learned such things.


What advice would you give to current GMM students on their next steps?

First of all, I would advise them to understand what an inspiring course they have taken! I would strongly recommend them to pay attention to all the articles given in the course, because I’m still going over and using them while working! Especially, if they want to work in social media industry, they have to keep themselves updated, always! So I can say, read, search and share!!



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